Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pizza Fail

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving!

Last night, Chris and I went to a pizza place that will remain unnamed. It’s part of a chain that recently opened in the area. I hadn’t gone there, so Chris suggested it. We arrived, ordered, and waited. It took the better part of twenty minutes, but the large pizza arrived and looked fantastic. We each grabbed a slice and tore into it.

Then, Chris stopped.

After a few seconds, he pulled something from his mouth and put it on his plate. It was a piece of plastic or glass (not sure which). As you might expect, we stopped eating that pizza and called the waiter over. He apologized profusely, took the pizza away, and went to get another pizza. While we were waiting, the manager came over and apologized as well. He also made our meal free. Normally, after something like that, I would leave as I would be afraid of encountering more shards of stuff that shouldn’t be in pizza, but Chris wanted to stay. Since he drove, I couldn’t leave myself.

The second pizza arrived, and we carefully started eating it. Unfortunately, the bottom was burned, so we couldn’t bite into it. Again, the waiter and the manager apologized. The manager gave us a gift card this time and told us that a third pizza was on the way. At that point, we decided we’d had enough and left.

I hope everyone has a better Thanksgiving than that. I certainly will.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Learning Something Interesting

I lived in Philadelphia in the mid ‘80s. As a kid, I remember riding with my parents down Girard Avenue and coming up to this masonry walled compound. Sometime later I learned that the compound was Girard College. My only thought was that it was strange to have an institute of higher learning with a massive wall around it.

Today, I was playing around on Google maps when I found myself staring at the walled compound that is Girard College. I decided to look for a website and found this. Turns out that it’s a boarding school for kids of single parents. It was started way back in 1848 to give boys without fathers a chance to get an education, something that would’ve been difficult at the time.

Sometimes, a little research can give cool results. Well, I think it’s cool.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Let’s Try This Again

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I could make up a bunch of excuses about me having things to do or being distracted with life or work, but in reality, when it comes to writing something that may or may not be seen, I tend to have a short attention span. I can write a novel, but blogs get boring for me after a while.

I’m actually going to try a little harder to keep this updated this time. I’ve already had one site die from inactivity, and I’m not going to let this one suffer the same fate.

So, expect at least one post per week (but don’t hold me to that). Like I said in my first post, expect stuff on sports, politics, maybe religion, the weather…really anything that gets my attention that causes an emotional reaction. Again, I’ll try to keep things light.